Comments from Dr. Ronald J Ericsson, Developer of Epibloc.

A sachet contains 5gm of bait with 1% active ingredient (see attached). Male sterility is achieved with 90-100 mg/kg of body weight. Each sachet contains 50mg of alpha chlorohydrin which is enough to cause sterility to a male rat by eating just one sachet (see attached). A single baiting works both as a sterilant and a toxicant.

I agree the era of second-generation anticoagulants (SGAR) is over and the rodenticide industry is not prepared for the change. You are correct EPA will be most reluctant to approve new SGAR let alone the time, cost, and likelihood of getting EPA approval on any new chemical.

ContraPest is a positive advancement as it helps break the mold on the antiquated rodenticides on the market. It has serious problems in that it is not practical in use and never will be. Cities etc. will try it and soon learn the rats are still winning. ContraPest is not a toxicant and it is doubtful the contraceptive property will significantly reduce rat population. The advantage for ContraPest is it is on the market whereas Epibloc is not.

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